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Oct 18, 2012 6:00pm PDT
, tonya and jim acosta, our political correspondent standing outside the waldorf in new york. set the stage for us, jim. what are we about to see? >> reporter: the alfred smith dinner, we are told that speech will begin at 9:05. he gets to go first. the president gets to go second. as you've noted and as we've been reported, this is typically a light-hearted affair. we have been reporting all day long that the gop nominee was in debate prep for most of the day. i should report that i did hear from a senior romney adviser that said that mitt romney also worked on this speech for this i evening. it was serious business earlier today when he was working on his material for later on this ink. wolf, keep in mind, i have noticed out on the campaign trail following mitt romney, the candidate does have a sense of humor. sometimes the jokes may come across unintentionally. he does have the occasion where he does intentionally tell some jokes and shares his humor. the dpoes over very well. we were here on september 25th when he spoke in front of the clinton global initiative. after bill cli
Oct 17, 2012 7:00pm PDT
much. >> my pleasure. >> joining us for more on how the two campaigns are handling this, jim acosta, traveling with mitt romney and chief white house correspondent jessica yellin. is the campaign concerned about the binder controversy. >> well, anderson, it's worth noting what romney did and did not talk about at his first post debate speech earlier today in chesapeake, virginia. he did not talk about that dustup between himself and the president over what happened in benghazi, but he did make reference to women voters, in his speech in chesapeake. he said that the president has failed america's women. that appeared to be a pretty blatant appeal to female voters in the audience there and all across the country. and, anderson, late in the day, he sent out a tweet of a web video featuring members of his cabinet back in massachusetts when he was governor there that were women. one of the women said in the web video that mitt romney understand working women and keep in mind that he made this response, made these remarks about binders full of women in response to a question about the lil
Oct 31, 2012 8:00am PDT
introduced as we speak. jim acosta there following mitt romney. so obviously today the tone changes somewhat for the governor but what can we expect to hear? >> reporter: i think we're getting a preview of that right now. jeb bush is on stage. marco rubio was at the podium and the florida governor, marco rubio steered clear of attacks on president obama. jeb bush on stage right now, he made a very interesting comment a few moments ago about storm response. he said it's the state and local response that really matters, not clear whether or not that was a dig at the president and the federal response that's going on and attention paid to the federal response. really, that'ses a close as either that they have come going after president obama in this event and lines up from what i heard of a top romney adviser this morning that the gop nominee striking a positive tone on the campaign trail. we heard mario rubio. i think the closest he got was talking about the state of economy saying this doesn't have to be the new normal and seeing right now is maybe the new normal of the campaign at least for
Oct 5, 2012 5:00am EDT
.but as jim acosta explaiis... beffre leavinggdenver for the campaign trail... romney conference. (nats)mitt romney took his victory lap after the first presidential debate reccivingg connerence of conservativee in denver.i saw the presiddnt's visiio as trickll-down government and i on't think that's what america believes in. i see instead a prosperiiy that comes through freedom. (nats) it didn't take long after he debate was finished for the romney campaign to turn the spin roomminto the win room.(reporter: re ou declaaing victory?)jim, if this was a bbxing match, the reeeree would have called it. after taaing someeknncks from ssme in the gop for spending too much timeein debate prep aaddnot enough at ralliessin swing states, the romney campaign felt vindicated. althoughhromney senior advisee the notion that that the ck on - look, i hink at the of the e day booh the president and governor romney probably put an equal amount oo time up preparing for thhs debate.just two days ago after the president oked his own advisers were pushing hhm to &pdo more debate prep.(nats: homework.)o
Oct 18, 2012 1:00am PDT
to find some? as jim acosta pointed out, he did know women and he had some on his staff. he did himself a disservice with the way he phrased this. the obama team is getting mileage out of it. >> is he talking at all about the women the role women had at bain capital? it is a male-dominated profession, particularly back then. has he talked at all about that? in the debate he was focusing solely on his time as governor. >> actually, no, anderson. that's interesting you ask that question. we haven't heard mitt romney talk about that on campaign trail, how women might have fared at his former investment firm. keep in mind that the chief of staff for mitt romney when he was governor in massachusetts was beth meyers who went on to run his 2008 campaign and went on here in 2012 to lead his vice presidential search. this is a candidate who has had women in high-level positions. and it's worth noting in just the last few minutes here, anderson, he's had one of those top surrogates, barbara comstock on the stage behind me and now the wife of george allen, who's running for the senate here, is on
Oct 20, 2012 2:00pm PDT
dead heat. cnn's jim acosta takes a look at how the other states could make or break the election. >> reporter: while mitt romney is preparing for his final debate with president obama in florida, the running mates are sending out the message for swing-state voters. >> well, they have no agenda for the future. no agenda for america, for agenda for a second term. it is a good thing, they wouldn't have a second term. they have -- they have been reduced to petty attacks, and silly word games. just watch it. the obama campaign has become the incredible shrinking campaign. >> we have to work on a collaborative basis. >> another part of that swing state pitch can be found in this new romney campaign ad that casts the gop nominee as a bipartisan problem-solver. >> we need action that will get the job done and couldn't care less if it is a republican or democrat. >> it is a change in tone for a candidate who once called himself a severely conservative governor in the primaries. prompting the president to say he etch-a-sketches the past. >> we have to come up with a new name. i think it is
Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
being back to you. >> candy will be moderating the next presidential debate. jim acosta with a special guest, marco rubio who supports mitt romney. must be pretty happy. >> that's right, wolf. we had senator rubio listen to david axelrod's comments. we heard him say let's not get caught up in the theater of the moment. i'm guessing from your vantage point, it was a good play tonight. >> the only one more frustrated than barack obama is david axelrod. i think it's clear, barack obama pretty uncomfortable talking about taxes, the budget, jobs, the most important things in america. that's what he's uncomfortable about. he doesn't understand the american free enterprise system, how it works, number two, probably doesn't believe it in the way mitt romney believes in it. and has a terrible record. look at the jobs, unemployment rate, the suffering of the american middle class, buied as joe biden reminded us. the policies of barack obama. he turned to the moderator and asked him to change the subject. let's move on to something else. we're not going to move on to something else. this is the i
Oct 18, 2012 1:00am EDT
much. >> my pleasure. >> joining us for more on how the two campaigns are handles this, jim acosta and jessica yellen. is the campaign concerned with this whole binder controversy? >> reporter: i think it's worth noting what mitt romney did and did not talk about at his first post-debate speech earlier today in chesapeake, virginia. he did not talk about that dust-up between himself and the president over what happened in benghazi, but he did make reference to women voters in his speech in chesapeake. he said that the president has failed america's women. that appeared to be a blatant appeal to female voters in the audience and all across the country. late in the day he sent out a tweet of a web video featuring member of his cabinet in massachusetts when he was governor being women. one of the women on the cabinet said in that web video that mitt romney understands working women. keep in mind that he made this response -- he made this remark about binders of women in response to the lilly ledbetter act, which makes it easier for women to sue over pay equity issues and he did not ad
Oct 24, 2012 11:00am PDT
in iowa addressing supporters there. meantime, our jim acosta is also traveling with those who are on the campaign. he's in the battleground state of nevada. take a look at how close the race is there. a new poll giving president obama a slht edge with 49% of nevada's likely voters. romney close behind with 47%. and well within the poll's margin of error. jim accoosta following the romn campaign. so, jim, what's the strategy there? >> reporter: well, fredricka, you can say that mitt romney has a swing state campaign blitz of his own going on right now. not quite as intense as the president who is going to be basically pulling an all nighter this week, but mitt romney will be traveling from where we are in nevada today to iowa and then to ohio later on tonight and then back to iowa, then back to ohio and then on to florida and virginia. so basically what is going on, fredricka, this race is so tight, and because none of these states can be taken for granted, that you have both of these campaigns furiously just trying to line up the states that they need in order to get to that m
Oct 9, 2012 1:00pm PDT
race is big bird. cnn's national political correspondent jim acosta reports from iowa right now where romney held a rally earlier in the day. jim. >> reporter: wolf, the romney campaign is clearly feeling good, but at the same time top advisors are trying to downplay the importance of a slew of new polls showing the gop nominee now in a real horse race with president obama in a sign that all of this has gotten the president's attention. this campaign has suddenly turned into a race over small things or rather one big bird. plowing into his proposals to help american farmers, mitt romney had poultry on his mind in iowa. of the eight-foot and yellow variety as he accused the president of fouling up the nation's weak recovery. >> you have to scratch your head when the president spends the last week talking about saving big bird. i actually think we need to have a president who talks about saving the american people and saving good jobs and saving our future. >> one man has the guts to speak his name. >> big bird. big bird. >> reporter: it was a direct response to the latest ad from the o
Oct 8, 2012 4:00am PDT
correspondent jim acosta is traveling with him. hey, jim, good morning. >> reporter: hi, ledad. good morning. that's right. after that debate performance that was widely viewed as a victory for mitt romney, he's going to be going after the president on foreign policy this morning as you mentioned in that speech over at virginia military institute in a few hours from now. he's going to do a few different things in this speech, soledad. the campaign has released some speech excerpts that we can talk about. but first of all, he is going to be talking about those diplomatic attacks in benghazi, libya. mitt romney's going to be accusing the president of showing weakness on that particular subject. and he's basically going to say that those attacks were essentially the work of the same forces that attacked the united states on september 11th. so he is going to be talking about al qaeda later this morning. the other thing he's going to be pledging to do, he says he's going to help arm the syrian rebels in their fight against that country's leader, president bashar al assad. and the other thing that
Oct 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
us what they really think about the debates. jim acosta is there and jim, obviously, the point here is to kind of fill that room post debate with a lot of big names that reporters can talk to to get their take. >> that's right. one of the misconceptions out there is that all of us in the media are watching this debate from inside the hall. there's not enough space, so they put us in this giant spin room. as we were standing inside the university of denver, photographe photographers perched atop, but just about every major news organization is positioned around the spin room. there are members of the romney traveling press corp. my colleague jessica yellin is off to my right. the romney campaign along with the rnc has set up a booth here, candy. this is where they'll be live s different news organizations, so you will see some of that later on tonight and to give you some housekeeping as to what's happening right now, candy, i can tell you according to the press pool reporters traveling with mitt romney, the gop contender and his we've, ann romney, are en route to the university of c
Oct 8, 2012 1:00pm PDT
jim acosta has more on that. >> reporter: wolf, after millions of americans watched mitt romney go toe to toe with president obama at their first debate, the gop nominee now wants voters to see him as commander in chief. he's done just that in a series of foreign policy speeches, including one here at the virginia military institute where he kudz the president of allowing the middle east to drift closer towards war. telling a crowd of cadets and supporters at the virginia military institute that hope is not a strategy on foreign policy, mitt romney wasted no time in building his case that the middle east has grown more dangerous under president obama's watch. exhibit a was last month's attack that left a u.s. ambassador dead at the american consulate in libya. >> the attacks on america last not should not be seen as random acts. they're expressions of a larger struggle playing out across the broader middle east and i'll vigorously pursue the terrorists who attacked our consulate in benghazi and killed our fellow americans. >> reporter: romney then seized on the recently violence in syr
Oct 11, 2012 11:00am PDT
time. we have jim acosta on the ground in danville. i want to start with brianna keilar, white house correspondent, in kentucky for us, as well, right now. let's start with the exclusive pictures. the picture you have sort of behind the scenes and see is that the replica of the debate set and seeing joe biden? >> reporter: it's very similar to the debate set that we'll see tonight during the debate here in danville, kentucky. the pictures you are looking at, actually, though are of what's really a second floor ballroom in the wilmington, delaware, shert sherton. you can see how much the biden team tried to duplicate the tea here. >> here we go. >>. >> reporter: the table that joe biden is sitting at. that's chris van hollen, a democrat, the top on the house budget committee. it's a half circle table and then a little round section of it in the middle and that is where martha radditz the moderator will sit played in mock debates by the vice president's communications director and also a former "the washington post" reporter. but this is where vice presidential biden has been last four
Oct 28, 2012 4:00pm PDT
will keep you updated. we're keeping a close watch on hurricane sandy for you. want to tell you jim acosta is in maryland. there he is. excuse me, marion, ohio, traveling with the romney campaign. give us a quick update. this has really changed the plans for mitt romney and for president barack obama but what are you hearing from the romney camp? >> reporter: well, don, i'll tell you right now the romney campaign is feeling very optimistic, not only looking at those national polls, if you look at our latest cnn poll of polls mitt romney leading nationally over the president, but in ohio our latest cnn/orc, even though it shows the president with a healthy lead there, it is still within the margin of error and mitt romney has played some serious catch-up. there's another poll that came out a consortium of ohio newspapers that shows the race tied in this state. the romney campaign is feeling pretty good but the "x" factor in everything right now from now until election day, the last nine days of this race, all hinges on hurricane sandy at this point. an election that was already uncertain an
Oct 3, 2012 7:30pm PDT
. the supporters of the respective candidates. jim acosta standing by. jessica yellin. to you, have you senator rob portman, the individual who helped mitt romney, played the president of the united states in the debate preparation sessions. >> that's right. senator rob portman from ohio is with me. have you been prepping mitt romney for the past several weeks. what is your assessment of the night? did the preparation pay off? >> jim, a terrific night for mitt romney. for the undecided voter in ohio, they were looking for two things, one, a discussion about the record of the last four years, and why we can't afford it for the next four. and most importantly, talked about his own policies and set the record straight on some of the misleading ads that the obama campaign has put out about his tax plan, budget plan, health care plan, so on. he did exactly what he had to do for undecided voters, really pleased with his performance. >> what about the line from the president that mitt romney has not offered enough specifics? and if the specifics were so great, he would be revealing them? do you think the
Oct 28, 2012 3:00pm PDT
itinerary. that's why we are going now to cnn's jim acosta always with the romney campaign and traveling with them. jim, the storm already having an impact on where you're going, isn't it? >> reporter: that is right, don. for the final nine days of the campaign, throw out the white dry erase board and perhaps take the doppler weather radar and lay it over the battleground map because that's how we track this campaign heading into the homestretch here. both campaigns, if you add them together of roughly a dozen campaign events so far between the president and mitt romney, mitt right now is heading to the gymnasium here in marion, ohio, with an event here tomorrow morning and then is getting out of the state. but, don, it will be very interesting to watch the final days of the campaign because of this storm. you saw the president also canceling events. not here in ohio, but his campaign events that were scheduled for today. instead of those campaign events, he went to church and the federal emergency agency to check on storm preparations there. now, the very interesting question that comes
Oct 31, 2012 9:00am EDT
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Oct 25, 2012 1:00am PDT
the controversy. made some news, and we'll bring that to you in just a moment. first, though, jim acosta traveling with the romney campaign. dan lothian is covering team obama. jim, the governor seemed to have some momentum then the later debate stalled some progress perhaps. we haven't seen a lot of poll numbers. now his team has spent a valuable campaign day on the defensive over this. does this story concern them at all? >> i think it does, anderson, and you can tell by the fact that senior romney advisers were really out of sight all day long. we did not see them at either of the big campaign events that he had today in nevada and here in iowa. and i think this is what happens when the romney campaign has a narrative, a news cycle that sort of gets out of its control. and we saw that happen earlier today. before they put out that statement saying what they wanted to do with that pro-richard mourdock ad and whether or not they would continue to support him, one of their top surrogates, new hampshire senator kelly ayotte, who was on his vice presidential list of potential running mates, she alre
Oct 4, 2012 4:00pm PDT
the election? let's go to jim acosta at the rally in fishersville, virginia. trace adkins, i guess, is going to perform there. they're getting ready for a big, big blowout. >> reporter: that's right, erin. they are blowing this day up. you could say this is a #winningday for the romney campaign. trace adkins is on stage. and we saw the evidence of this all day long from the gop nominee, when he got on board his campaign plane earlier this morning. he was already cruising at a higher altitude, erin, chatting up his campaign staff. there was a smile on his face. and, honestly, erin, i've been covering this campaign for a year and a half. this was one of the happit days that i've seen on the part of this campaign and its staff for some time. but you could tell that things were starting to change during the day, as the president was starting to mount that new offensive, going after mitt romney on his statements last night, calling into question whether or not the gop contender was telling the truth during last night's debate and putting out that new ad that said if we can't trust him on the deba
Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. good to see you, stephanie. the crowd behind jim acosta is fired up. the focus group i was with last night is very clear. i mentioned this to jim. in case you didn't hear me, those personal attributes, likability, strength, mitt romney really surged. it's just two men in this case on that stage. what could the president have done to avoid the outcome that ended up happening? >> well, you know, in terms of mitt romney surging, just remember how much of a deficit he had to make up. i mean, he was in some cases double digits behind the president and all those attributes and the president is still leading on them. we expected an aggressive debater to show up last night on the debate stage with barack obama. we didn't expect an aggressively dishonest debater to show up. that's what we got in mitt romney. what could the president have done differently? of course, we'll recalibrate a recalculate based on the mitt romney that showed up last night. we've got two more debates left. now we know what we're dealing with. we know that mitt romney will, in a split second, walk away from the central
Oct 8, 2012 5:00pm PDT
's pleased with the numbers. joining us now, jim acosta with the romney campaign in newport news, virginia and on the phone, dan lothian with president obama's campaign. jim, you're on the trail with the romney campaign. what's the reaction to the latest polling, because republicans were complaining about these polls as soon as last week. now the poll is good news for them. are they complaining? >> well, anderson, i have to tell you i just saw mitt romney standing out in a drenching rain in newport news just a couple hours ago and he still had a smile on his face. they're pretty happy. they have not seen poll numbers like this in some time. i have to tell you, i talked to a senior romney advisor about this pew research center poll and they look at a couple things here. in relation to these polls. they are looking at the enthusiasm that is coming out at some of their campaign events. i can tell you, we have been at several of these campaign events over the last several days and they are getting some big turnouts, sometimes in excess of 10,000 people, and while yes, that may not be obama cam
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 225 (some duplicates have been removed)